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The Process: How The Live Trading Room Works

What does the Live Room look like?
Once you join you'll have access to the following rooms:

- Live Visual Room
- Live Voice Chat
- Trading Chat Room
- Trade Breakdown & Analysis Chat

Each room has it's own purpose to help you trade live on a daily basis but to also learn how to become a proficient trader.
What can you expect when you join the Live Trading Room?
The Live Trading Room is designed to show the behind-the-scenes of what it takes to trade daily & profitably.

When you join you'll have access to several rooms (named above) where you'll be able to spectate and follow along professional 6 & 7-figure day traders.

By doing so, our goal is for you to build your skillset and also become profitable along the way.
What kind of support can I get from the Live Trading Room?
You'll be accompanied by hundreds of professional traders all who've been part of our DTI training to help you become a better trader.

These traders have a deep understanding of trading, our strategies, and how to execute on them.

By placing yourself in an environment where you're around individuals who've accomplished what you're trying to do or are simply one step ahead can save yourself years of costly mistakes.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I join the Live Trading Room? 
The first official launch of the Live Trading Room will be on Sunday, March 19th.
Is there a certain level of experience required to join?
No, there's no specific level required to join the Live Trading Room.

No matter what your experience is the Live Trading Room is designed to help you level up your trading by simply surrounding yourself with a community of expert traders.
Does the Live Trading Room come with DTI's Training?
No, the Live Trading Room does not include the DTI training.

Although, you're still surrounded by the DTI community in the Live Room. Which is where both worlds intersect.

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+1 (786) 886-6899

Don't take our word for it.

Hear from our top students and what they had to say...
Jas Kaur
DTI Student
"It has been life changing to say the least. Raul has a very simple yet detailed approach to the markets.

For me Raul has really helped me understand what price is doing, he has helped me connect the dots so that i know what is happening, what has happened and what will happen potentially.

DTI is a game changer and would definitely recommend."
Liam Hesseling
DTI Student
I have been trading close to 1.5 years. DTI…where do I start, DTI has had the most impact on my trading career more than any other “mentor” or course out there.

I had 2 previous courses I took and still came out unprofitable. The moment I started DTI I looked at the markets completely different and understood price action the way it’s supposed to be interpreted.

After taking the Bootcamp I am now profitable and have 3 funded accounts, by the beginning of 2023 I will be quitting my job and transitioning into full time trading. Here is to many blessings and thank you again so much."
DTI Student
"Raul is hands down the best mentor in the industry. Started back in November 2021, and already knew with confidence that DTI was going to be it just by his commitment to his students.

Weekly webinars answering everybody’s questions shows his commitment in helping other traders level up.

At first I thought it was going to be hard studying this skill set, but as I continue to learn from Raul, it all just made sense, and surprisingly very simple. Now I can continue to craft this skill and pass it down to my kids. Bless up Raul."
Jhony Kabbabe
DTI Student
"Before DTI, I was way too lost in the markets, not knowing where to mark up my zones, the entry signals, psychology was actually the hardest part of trading, & Raul made sure to make me understand literally every single thing about psychology in trading. 

The best things in DTI are the 4 weekly webinars, which help a lot because Raul makes sure that the information he teaches stays fresh in your mind almost everyday by doing webinars.

He actually takes time out of his schedule to do the webinars, that alone shows you how important his students are to him."

Nick Hernandez
DTI Student
"I’ve been consistently trading for about two years now, it wasn’t until I joined DTI in March 2021 when I started to see a change in my trading!

After having Raul as a mentor the charts become very more clear to me and I have been profitable in these markets about a year in from joining DTI!

Having Raul as your mentor will accelerate your learning for sure. Leaning from all of his mistakes and how he approaches the markets will make you a profitable trader if you stick to his teachings and master the DTI supply and demand system! Highly recommend to anyone who’s looking for a good community and a mentor to start their trading journey!"
Daniel P.
DTI Student
"To keep this short and sweet. DTI helped me so much with understanding everything. Ive been in DTI for a few weeks and my results and understanding of the market are way different to what they were before joining. When I first wanted to join I was hesitant because of the price. But I trusted my gut and I went for it. It was 100% worth. DTI is worth way more. In these few weeks pretty much went from breaking even to now being profitable in such a short time. DTI isn’t magic. I still had to put in the hours every day. 10000% recommend."

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